Welcome to the National Ice Carving Association

The National Ice Carving Association (NICA) is a global organization based in the United States that is devoted to promoting the art of ice sculpture or ice carving, networking carvers, education, business and competition across the country and around the world. With nearly 400 members, NICA sanctions and organizes ice carving competitions around the world. Providing standardized guidelines for judging, learning seminars and certifying carvers, NICA has given the art focus and direction. Continually reaching for the highest standards, NICA carvers have become some of the best in the world.



2014 Plymouth Ice Festival Carving through Google Glass

The sculpting of a bust of Abraham Lincoln at the 2014 Plymouth Ice Festival in Plymouth, Michigan. Ice sculpture created by Paul Nuznov of Outside the Blox Ice (www.outsidethebloxice.com) . Google Glass provided by LunaTech 3D (www.lunatech3d.com).

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Photography by Roger Mastroianni

Miracle on Ice

By Jordan Rane, American Way, http://hub.aa.com/en/aw/kenneth-diederich-ice-carver-nica KENNETH DIEDERICH has a cool job. So cool, in fact, that you might want to bundle up before reading about it. What do you get when you stick a giant block of ice in front of an artist in a parka armed with a chainsaw, chisels, grinders, a blowtorch and …

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