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Hall of Fame

NICA Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame committee, along with the board of directors has created the criteria and voting system for a hall of fame. This is to honor those with a life long commitment to ice carving. These individuals will have made significant contributions and achievements in our field. Along with a list of accomplishments these individuals will have expressed a high morale standard and character that exemplifies our code of ethics. These candidates will be recognized for there merit in competition, there influence on the industry, their dedication to the promotion of ice sculpture, and their commitment to education. If you have any information or photos for the individuals in the Hall of Fame please email this info to nicaexdir@aol.com


Joe Amendola: instructor of ice carving at CIA, Author of “Ice Carving Made Easy” ,Known as the grandfather of American ice carving,involved  with ice carving for over 50 years. Passed away this year 2008.

August Forster: author of “Fancy Ice Carving in 30 Lessons” (1947), Chef and ice carving instructor – Chicago board of Education

Larry Malchick: Founding member, NICA founding president 1987-94, Co-Author of NICA By-Laws,Co-Author of NICA Judging Form,Co-Author of NICA Judging Guidelines,Co-Author of NICA Lead Judges Instructions, NICA National Judging Chairman,2002 Winter Olympics – Lead Judge,Recipient of NICA President’s Award,Compiled & Edited 2002 Winter Olympics Commemorative Program

 Virgil Clinebell:  Inventor and friend of the ice artist. Inventor of the clear “Clinebell” block of ice. Where would the ice carver be without the cb 300? Supporter of NICA.

 Mitsou Shimizu:  President of the All Japan Creative Ice Sculpting Society
Member Escoffier Society, Toque Blanche, Japans Chefs Association
National Champion in Japan 1974-1975-1976
Established Shimizu Ice Carving Academy 1976
Published the New World of Ice Sculpture 1# & 2# 1980-1982
Published “Decorations of Banquets” 1991
International Demonstrations 1976-2000
Wood, Butter, Bronze, Ice
International Judge for Ice Sculpture and Food Garde Manger
Past and current Cultural Olympiad Judge

 Hideo Hasagawa: Started carving in 1957,Founding father of Japan Ice Carving Association, Author of  “Ice Carving” (1974)

George P. Weising: Author – “Ice and Snow Sculpturing” (1954), awarded Oscar for ice carving in 1946, featured on the front cover of the Saturday evening post.

 Mark Daukas: Multiple National and International championship winner,94 Olympic carver, innovator of many power tools.

   Mac Winker: Many First Place finishes in ice sculpting competitions, Hosted the first NICA Convention, Published ‘Ice Sculpting in 12 Easy Steps’, Created reusable templates, Among first to use a router and a ‘patented steam knife’ for reversed and script letters, Most points of any carver at 1990 National Restaurant Show International Competition, Among first carvers to win a Gold Medal

Julian Bayley: Help develop the first CNC router in the ice business,developed a commercial ice lathe, inventor of many other ice carving tools,Extensive media coverage: Discovery Channel, CNN International, Forbes Magazine and numerous articles in newspaper, business magazines and trade publications, Started www.adviceinice.com which has become the ‘go-to’ information resource for the industry.

 Richard Alford: Credited with first use of v-bit on ice as a tool, originator of the Collegiate nationals (started at Akron University), Ice educator at the University of Akron whose teams have won Collegiate Nationals four times.  Some of his students have moved on to start major business in Toledo, Columbus and Cleveland.  These students Chad Hartson, Greg Butauski, and Aaron Costic have all served on the board of directors for NICA and two have been the president.  Chef Alford has always enforced to his students that NICA is the foremost ice sculpture organization in the world and also encouraged us to compete and teach. Has taught Ice carving all over the world. Recipient of NICA President’s award.

Maurie Pearson : Founding Member of NICA; Mentor and friend to aspiring ice sculpture entrepreneurs; Dubbed the “Norman Rockwell of Ice Carving”;  By-Laws Committee Member,helped to come up with a standardized format on founding judging committee, credited with helping organization grow, Founder of Chicago Ice Works,

Other Proud moments:    6 Gold Medals
11 silver medals
5 bronze medals.
Plymouth, MI. finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
4 top 10 finishes at NICA Nationals.
2nd place Grand Prix of Ice, Chicago.
2 Peoples Choice awards

Grateful for the friends along the way!

Yuki Iijima: Vice President of All Japan Creative Ice Sculpture Society
All Japan Chef Association, Board of Director
International Judge for Ice carving competition, 1969-Present
Cultural Olympiad Ice carving competition, Judge .2006
Published “Global Hotel Management” 2008
Competing ice carving championship Internationally, 1969-1990
Yuki’s Ice carving Academy Opened ( Demonstration/Teaching Hasegawa and Shimizu’s ice carving methods to USA, 1969-2000)
Asashigawa Japan, Judge & Team captain of USA 1980-1985
Introduced Tools and Books from Pro-chef International. Since 1969

Glen Motley-
Past NICA President
Highly respected international judge
Past Judging chairman,
Hosted many NICA competitions, help to organize many U.S. Nationals.
Manager of many Collegiate nationals.
Founder of Ice Business in Cincinnati. (Currently know as Arctic Diamond)

Current NICA Positions:
NICA / Chairman of the Board
Director of International Relations
Cultural Winter Olympic Coordinator

Vivat Hongpong-

Ice carver to trump, great competitive Ice carver.

Runner up  at many Nationals

Many international wins including Olympic gold in 2002, Salt Lake City

Talented artist in other mediums

George O’Palenick-

2004 ACF Educator of the Year

Past NICA president

Founder of the Hall of Fame

Long time culinary educator at Johnson & Wales

Coached several Collegiate Ice carving teams to first place at the Collegiate National Championships

Fonder of Art in Ice in Rhode Island